Monday, October 22, 2012

School Accountability Report Cards Public Release

You may have heard that the State Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has publically released the new school accountability report cards today Monday, October 22nd; these school report cards are available through the DPI website at:

The primary purpose of this post is to provide you with some information about the new school report cards which can be found at: as well as to inform you that the report card for our high school is under review and will not be released until our appeal is finalized; the appeal and subsequent review are due to a miscalculation regarding absenteeism.  I am uncertain as to when the high school report card will be made available however DPI has informed me that we have until November 9th to submit the data for our appeal; our data was submitted to DPI on Thursday, October 18th.  In reviewing the school report cards you will notice that both our elementary and middle schools are classified as “meets expectations” which is certainly good news while still providing us with data and information on how to continue to improve.  I am fairly certain that when the high school report card is released, it will also be classified as “meets expectations”.

I encourage all parents to go to this site to find the report cards for our schools as well as other information relevant to what is and has been occurring at the State level recently.  You also have the ability to pull up the school report cards for any other school/ district in the State.

Please contact me at any time with questions.


Craig G. Broeren
District Administrator
715-455-1683 ext. 119

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