Friday, September 28, 2012

8 Player Football Information

Since the 8-player format is new this year, I felt it would be relevant to share the information we have been provided by the WIAA.


a. Enrollment average - a 3-year enrollment average of 200 or less for eligible schools to participate in the Jamboree.
b. Declaration deadline of May 1 for the 2012 season and thereafter schools must declare by February 1 for the following season.
c.  A 2-year commitment is required.
a. Jamboree will be scheduled during Week 11 (Level 3 of 11-player football).
b. The top four teams in the north will be paired with the top four teams in the south.
All specifications of Numbers 8 and 15 under SEASON REGULATIONS (pages 12 and 13) will apply.
a. Scheduling of Competition
The Jamboree will be held Saturday, November 3 at a central location.
(1)   The WIAA will contract 5-man crews to work all games.
(2)   Officials will be paid:
(a)   officiating Fee - $60. Checks and contracts will be issued by the host school
(b)   expenses - 40¢ per mile (round trip) for travel.
(c)   officials shall travel together with mileage paid to one official. If officials choose to travel separately, the mileage for the longest trip may be split between the officials.
(d)   There is no separate meal and/or room allowance.
b. Awards
There will be no awards for the 8-player football jamboree.
c. Finances
1.  As the WIAA is only facilitating the Jamboree and the Jamboree is not a WIAA tournament, the following will be used:
(a)   The host school will pay all fees and expenses.
(b)   Host school will retain 60% of receipts beyond expenses.
(c)   Participating schools will divide the remaining 40% of receipts equally.
2.  Ticket Prices
(a)   Ticket prices may be determined by the host school, not to exceed $4 per game.
3.  Admission Policies
(a)   Each school participating in a Jamboree game shall be allowed free admissions in the form of field passes for a party comparable to a normal traveling squad, in uniform.

#4 North v. #4 South - 10 a.m.
#3 North v. #3 South - 1 p.m.
#2 North v. #2 South - 4 p.m.
#1 North v. #1 South - 7 p.m.

Stiehm Stadium, D.C. Everest Junior High School, 1000 Machmueller Street, Schofield, WI 54476
Parking will be at the stadium and at the high school with shuttle busses to help with transportation from the high school parking lot to the stadium.

  1. Qualifying and placement for the Jamboree is based on overall season record of the 8-player schools in 8-player competition.
  2. The top four teams from the north will compete against the top four teams from the south.
  3. The teams will be placed 1-4 in their geographic area.
  4. Teams will be matched against like placed teams (ie:  #4 vs. #4, #3 vs. #3, #2 vs. #2, #1 vs. #1).
  5. When ties exist, the following criteria will be used to place teams.
a.     Head-to-head result (when applicable)
b.    Result vs. conference champion
c.     W-L percentage vs. qualifying field
d.    W-L record vs. common opponents
e.     Defeated opponents (8-player wins only) overall W-L percentage
f.     Defeated opponents (all wins) overall W-L percentage
g.    Overall W-L percentage
h.     First half points allowed/per game average - through Week 9 (8-player)
    1. Coin flip

All specifications of Numbers 8 and 15 under SEASON REGULATIONS (pages 12 and 13) will apply with these exceptions and additions:

Athletes who are ineligible during the WIAA Jamboree (for any reason) may not appear in uniform and participate in warm-ups.

Note 1: Lotteries, raffles, fundraising, contests, campaigns and solicitation are prohibited at WIAA Jamboree.
Note 2: At all WIAA tournament sites, the public address system is only to be used for announcements necessary for the administration of the contest.

a. Game Film Exchange:
Teams meeting in the Jamboree will exchange copies of their 2 most recent games by arrangement of the schools.
b. Rosters
(1)   A school may change its squad make-up from one game to the next.
Note: See reimbursement limitations under Tournament Finances Section in HANDBOOK.
c. Jersey Colors
The following procedure will be used. The first school alphabetically will wear light colored jerseys during the even-numbered years (2012, 2014, etc.), and the second school alphabetically will wear light colored jerseys during the odd-numbered years (2013, 2015, etc.).
d. Game Balls
       For the Jamboree, only Wilson footballs may be used.
e. Coin Toss
The team wearing dark colored jerseys shall be heads. The team wearing light colored jerseys shall be tails.
f.  Only the designated number of players, comparable to a normal traveling squad for a regular season game, will be permitted to enter the playing area and allowed to be on the sidelines during the contest.
g. Game management, with assistance from the WIAA, if necessary, will determine which school will use the home side of field as its sideline at the Jamboree.
h. Space for Teams’ Representative in Press Box/Communication Center
Space should be adequate to provide for (in order of priority):
(1)   Game management personnel, i.e., scoreboard operator(s), announcer, and spotter to assist the announcer.
(2)   One position for each participating team.
(3)   Space to accommodate media personnel that might be expected, i.e., radio, newspaper.
Have equal space available for both teams. It is not required that you provide field phones for both teams. If, for example, you have only one set, you may leave them in place for whichever team is assigned that bench or they may use their own. Ultimately the participating schools are responsible for furnishing their own field phones and filming equipment.
The host is responsible only for being certain both schools have equal “space” available from which to spot and/or film.
i.  Length of Half Time
The half time will be 15 minutes plus the 3 minute warm-up.
j.  Sideline Heaters
Sideline heaters are permissible if the participating schools wish to provide them themselves. They should not be allowed, however, if they cause the host school additional expense, pose any kind of safety problem, or block the view of spectators.
k. National Anthem
The host school decides which school will play the National Anthem. If both schools have a band present and wish to play, a coin toss will decide the school.
l.  Lotteries, raffles, fundraising, contests and solicitation are prohibited at WIAA Events.
m.   Jamboree game ball will be: Wilson GST
Note: For other details see 2012 Football Playoff Manual 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ever's "Agenda 2017"

Some of you may be aware of the high number of State initiatives currently in the works at the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).  State Superintendent Tony Evers has unveiled his "agenda 2017" which contains initiatives that focus on nearly every aspect of public education: graduation rates, college and career readiness, next generation assessments, common core standards, educator effectiveness, school and district accountability, and school funding.  In short, the most comprehensive changes to public education in recent history.

Although many aspects of these comprehensive reforms are going to transpire over the next few years, it should be noted that the district is (and has been) putting in place all of the necessary components to make these initiatives successful for the benefit of our students.  Clearly, one can agree or disagree with any or all of these State led initiatives, but the current environment is calling for public school reform.  Rather than viewing these as things that have to be done, we are viewing them as things that should be done; this is not to say that our district is in 100% agreement with 100% of agenda 2017, but I do feel that we have the flexibility to institute these changes tailored specifically to our district to better meet the needs of our students.

For information regarding Agenda 2017, please visit:   

Or feel free to contact me directly:

Craig Broeren
715-455-1683 ext. 119