Friday, October 26, 2012

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D.C. Everest Senior High School        
6500 Alderson Street
Lee Ann Kitchell,  Athletic Director

To:                         Football Coaches, Athletic Director, Prairie Farm High School, Abundant Life/St.  Ambrose High Schools, News Media

Prairie Farm vs Abundant Life/St. Ambrose

PLACE:          Stiehm Stadium, D. C. Everest Junior High School
                        1000 Machmueller Street
                        Schofield, WI  54476
DATE:                        Saturday, November 3, 2012

GAME TIME:                     7:00 p.m. -     
                                                           6:30 - 30 minutes on the clock
                                                            6:45 - Flip of the coin
                                                            6:55 - National Anthem
                                                            6:57 - Starting lineups
                                                            7:00 - Kick-off
                                                            (Fifteen Minute Half)

OFFICIALS:  Jerry Chepil Crew (Rice Lake)                                 

TICKET PRICES:      $4.00 (Ages 6 and Up) for one game or a $10.00 pass for admittance to all 4 games.  5 and under will be admitted free.

FAN SEATING:        Both teams will be seated on the Home side of the stadium.  Overflow seating is available on the visitor side. Please look for signs upon arrival into the stadium.

TEAM BENCHES:    Abundant Life/St. Ambrose will be on the South Side of the Stadium.
                                    Prairie Farm will be on the North Side of the Stadium.

BUSES:          Please call by Friday noon to let me know how many buses you are bringing.  Reserved parking areas will be set up for them by the gate.

UNIFORMS:              Abundant Life/St. Ambrose will wear light colored uniforms and will be the home team on the scoreboard.
                                    Prairie Farm will wear dark colored uniforms and will be the visiting team on the scoreboard.

WARM UP AREAS:  Prairie Farm will warm up on the West side.
                                    Abundant Life/St. Ambrose will warm up on the East side. (Ramp side)

TEAM LOCKER ROOMS:  Located in the junior high school next to the stadium.  Someone will be present to let you in before the game and at half time.

FILMING:                  One filmer and two spotters with phones from each school will be allowed in the press box. Each school must provide their own phones.

BAND:                       Free admission will be granted to members of the pep band in uniform. Please let me know if you will be bringing a band by Wednesday, Oct. 31st.

                        1) A maximum of 8 cheerleaders in uniform.
                        2) Eight complimentary passes. 
3) Team doctor and trainer.
                        4) Band members in uniform.
                        5) Press must have a press pass.

                        1) Players dressed in uniform and coaches.
                        2) Six additional people (stats, managers, etc.).
                        3) Team doctor and trainer (if present).

RESTROOMS:     Are located next to the concession stand.

CROWD INFORMATION:  No smoking in the stadium or on school grounds.
                                                Remind your crowds that good sportsmanship is expected.
                                                No one is allowed inside the fenced in area.
                                                Please remind your fans to stay off the all-weather track.
                                                No confetti will be allowed.
                                                Any problems will result in removal from the stadium.
Please remind your coaches and players that use of gum and sunflower seeds are strictly prohibited on the turf field and sidelines.

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