Thursday, October 18, 2012

Board of Education Sets Levy for 2012-2013

On the evening of Monday, October 15th, the Prairie Farm Board of Education officially set the levy for the 12-13 school year.  As was reported in a previous post, our equalized property values dropped roughly $5.7 million and our State aid (which was certified and sent to districts on 10/15) decreased roughly $92,000.00.  Both of these factors caused the local levy to be higher than predicted but still lower than in the 11-12 school year.  Our mill rate for 11-12 was a 12.9 due to a overall levy of $1,262,265.00; for 12-13 our mill rate dropped to 12.0 (up from the predicted 11.4- 11.8) due to an overall levy of $1,107,774.00.

The 12-13 overall levy is made up of:
1) $960,844.00 for the General Fund
2) $126,930.00 for the Debt Service Fund (building bonds)
3) $20,000.00 for the Community Service Fund (community education)

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