Monday, November 30, 2009

The Discussion

I thought it would be appropriate to outline the aim and purpose of this blog. First, we plan to utilize it as yet another method to disseminate information and solicit input form District residents. Second, the blog can also be used as a virtual comment box; that is, feel free to post questions, discussion topics, suggestions, or anything that you feel warrants attention. We would like to know the thoughts of all of the people involved in our school and community.
Please feel free to post any comment you wish!

Some questions for discussion:
1) What should be the aim of schools; what do you want your school to do?
2) What are the characteristics of successful schools and successful students?


  1. Thank you for creating this blog. Great way to utilize technology. I feel the goal of our district is to prepare students for life. Sure the state mandates items in the state standards, but that should never be the all inclusive list of knowledge needed for graduation. One of the best teachers I ever had was my hs/ms math teacher. He was not my favorite at the time, but the life lessons he taught, I utilize every day. He would never just give you the answer to a problem. He demanded logical thinking, systematic approach, and strong problem solving skills. He taught each student that they were fully capable of achieving success through being persistant and dedicated efforts. Not something that is specifically spelled out in the State Standards.

  2. Thanks Kelly- I just heard an interview with Bobby Knight the other day... He said that he asks his athletes to name the 2 best teachers they have had; then, he asks them to name the 2 teachers that demanded the most out of them... It almost always is the same 2 people! I agree with your comment; we need to prepare our students for LIFE. The great thing is that those things can happen in any classroom regardless of content area.

  3. Well Mr. Broeren, I believe that the main focus of our schools should be to teach our children how to be successful contributers to society. I think that to determine if the goals are being met you can look at the staff...if they are passionate about their work it will rub off on the students. I think you can also look at the quality of students we have in our high school and look at their willingness to be a part of the ENTIRE student body. They do an excellent job of being mentors to the younger kids which tells me that we are doing something positive in our school.

  4. Lori- I could not agree more! The students here are some of the best around and teacher's passions have a significant impact on student learning.